Requirements for the use

  • A valid CIT user account.

  • A device with WPA2-Enterprise support. (WPA3 is also supported)


  • Establish an Internet connection, e.g. home Wifi, public hotspot, cellular.
  • Download the geteduroam application from the PlayStore or similar Store.
  • Connect to the site We recommend Google Chrome, as there may be problems with other browsers. You can also scan the following QR code.

  • Tap the field that shows your Android version. If you have already downloaded geteduroam, you can press continue or install the application afterwards. Please download the offered file.

  • Once you have downloaded the file, you can also open it. Afterwards the geteduroam application will open and you will be confronted with a login mask.
  • After that you will be asked to enter your username and password. Enter the username in the form: You will need to add the subdomain by hand if it isn't done automatically.
  • Tap on "CONNECT TO NETWORK". After that, your WLAN connection is configured. You can confirm with "OK" and geteduroam will close automatically.

  • if you receive an error message, you must first delete the connection profile that already exists (see above).
  • as soon as your device is within range of the Wifi eduroam, a connection is automatically established.